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Hardworking Attorney Relentlessly Pursuing Fair Compensation for Florida Dog Bite Victims

It is estimated that anywhere from 37 to 47 percent of the households in this country are home to at least one dog. The companionship, affection and loyalty that make dogs such popular pets make it difficult to accept the fact that 4.5 million people are the victims of dog bites each year. Approximately 600 people are hospitalized each year in Florida due to serious injuries suffered as a result of being attacked by a dog, and children under ten years of age are at the greatest risk of being attacked by dogs.

At The Felicetti Law Firm P.C., our experienced attorneys understand the importance of acting swiftly to gather evidence and conduct a thorough investigation in order to facilitate obtaining the maximum compensation for you as the victim of a dog bite. We put our intimate knowledge of Florida laws pertaining to the rights of dog attack victims to work fighting on your behalf, so you can concentrate on recovering from the serious physical injuries and emotional trauma that you suffered.

Florida dog bite law and strict liability

Unlike some other states in which the victim of an attack by a dog must prove that the animal’s owner knew of its vicious propensities and that is was likely to bite, Florida law imposes strict liability on the owner of a dog that causes injury to a person. The law states that dog-owning residents of Tallahassee, Miami or other Florida communities can be held liable for an injury inflicted by their dog under either of the following circumstances:

  • The attack occurs in a public place
  • The attack takes place when the victim is lawfully on private property

Getting you the compensation you deserve

Our attorneys are staunch and passionate advocates for your right to be adequately compensated for the physical and psychological injuries inflicted upon you by a single dog bite or by a vicious attack by a dog. Depending upon the severity of your injuries, you could be entitled to recover damages including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering

Pursuing your claim for damages against all possible parties

Depending upon the circumstances under which you were attacked by a dog, our innovative and resourceful attorneys might be able to establish liability against someone in addition to the dog’s owner. For example, if you are attacked by a dog owned by a tenant, the landlord who owns the property might be held liable to pay compensation to you if he or she was aware of the presence of the dog. This would be in addition to the liability of the owner of the vicious animal.

Allow one of our trusted attorneys to review your dog bite case

Chances are that if you have been attacked and bitten by a dog you probably have questions about your rights as a victim. The attorneys at The Law Felicetti Law Firm P.C. put their litigation experience and knowledge of Florida law to work on your behalf beginning with the initial consultation.

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